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Outdoor Cinema for Football Clubs

Give your fans something to shout about and get a great result with an open air cinema at your football club.

If your football club is standing empty waiting for the next home game then organising an outdoor cinema night can be a great way of utilising the unused space.  Not only will it bring excitement to the club, it can also bring in some valuable funds.

Audience and Facilities

The fans are your ready made audience.  You have grass to sit on or maybe a spectator stand.  You have toilets, you have electricity and you probably have a bar.  These facilities are great assets and it means that your event costs will be comparatively low.  Bringing a little diversity to your club can help bring in new people who may become future supporters.

Help and Support

Hire us in to take care of the cinema and you can concentrate on selling tickets and making your event great! We will support you, work with you and we can advise on any aspect of open-air cinema. We offer support from planning through to marketing and of course, the big night!

Start Now

Take a look at the various outdoor cinema hire packages that you think may be suitable for your club and we can tailor them to your requirements. Make it happen, enjoy an awesome night of movie entertainment at your club … and with no referee!

To kick things off, send us an email, give us a call or fill in our Free Quote Form.




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