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Organise a charity movie night and boost funds, spirits, awareness and your charity’s recipients.

If you are looking for a new fundraising idea for your charity that doesn’t involve walking several hundred miles, shaving all your hair off or sitting in a bath of cold spaghetti hoops for hours on end then speak to us about hosting an outdoor cinema event.

An Uplifting Idea

We know that running a charity is hard work. Constantly thinking up new ideas alone is not an easy task so we have a ready made idea for you, right here. With an open air film night you can accommodate a large amount of people. Apart from the sale of tickets, there will be plenty of opportunities on the night to raise funds and get more people involved in your worthy cause.  Sponsorship from local companies in exchange for a mention on the screen and flyers can ensure more money comes in.  Your event will be uplifting for the attendees. They will leave having had a great time and associate that feeling with your charity.

Success and Achievement

With some bold thinking, some investment and your usual determination to succeed, you could see a pleasing financial return for your efforts.  Not only that, you’ll feel a fantastic sense of achievement and will have had some brilliant fun too.

Hire us in and we will take care of the cinema. We’ll give you support and direction wherever it is required. We can help advise on planning, costs, licences, marketing, film choices and bring the benefit of our cinema event experience.

The picture above shows us supplying cinema services for an event in support of the Indee Rose Trust.

For charities, we recommend our straight-forward, cost effective outdoor cinema set ups with PA speakers for sound. See our Medium Inflatable Screen and our Extra Large Inflatable Screen to get the idea.  They are both great value and we can, of course, tailor these package to your preference.

Be bold, get the ball rolling today.  Send us an email, give us a call or complete our Free Quote Form.

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